Especially for mums events

Africanfinestmums is passionate about celebrating mums.  We are of the view that we generally don’t celebrate or take time out for ourselves enough.  Our events are geared towards celebrating, supporting, and motivating women to love on themselves just a little bit more.  Because, “we’re so worth it”.


Upcoming events

Africanfinestmums presents JUST BECAUSE

Just Because ….

…….You’re fabulous, you deserve it, you’re worth it, girls wanna have fun….. Whatever you feel like, you fill in the blank.  Fabulous ladies, and amazing mums this event is organised with you in mind to make you feel truly celebrated.  Bring a friend or come and make new ones.  We’ve got networking, business showcase, food, special guest speaker, DJ, fun and so much more….  You won’t want to miss this.

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Informative events

Africanfinestmums is passionate about planning and supporting events that provide practical information, to support women and mums in our communities with making the right decisions for them and their families.  Information is power, so by sharing great information we’re building trust, forging links, empowering ourselves and each other, and that, is a beautiful thing.


Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Parents Clinic with Shola Alabi – 20th October 2018

This event is free, but registration is required.  This event is for parents who are in the middle of completing their secondary school application form and might have some questions.  Join Shola, myself and other seasoned educators to talk through practicalities, share tips and expertise to help guide you through this process, helping to prepare you and your child for the transition from primary to secondary school. Only few spaces left so book now!!

Africanfinestmums - Events - Parents Clinic with Shola AlabiAfricanfinestmums - Events - Parents Clinic with Shola Alabi - The Panellists



13th January 2018 – 11+: Demystifying the myths and more….