Hi, mums of African heritage the world over. Thanks for checking out our site. This site has been created as a space to connect, support, champion and celebrate mums of African heritage. In addition to sharing our stories and posts on a variety of issues that affect and impact our day to day lives, plus check out ways to promote celebration of culture, heritage and diversity with our children, we provide support through our SERVICES

We are many, we are strong, we are beautiful. When we are confident, supported and united we are that much more amazing. Everyday we go through a myriad of situations and emotions, as we navigate the often bumpy waters of motherhood. It’s easy to feel isolated and unsure about the decisions we’re making, or elated about a particular breakthrough and not feel able to share it, talk it through, shout it out. Well this space, this community is for us.

Some quick definitions:

  • African – We are of African heritage (this includes prior generations) and proud of it. We’re acknowledging that there are some specific quirks, scenarios and situations that are unique to us and that we more closely identify with. This is not a platform to dismiss others who don’t fall into this bracket, it’s just one that gives ours a space and voice.
  • Mums – We mean females with permanent or temporary responsibility for the care or wellbeing of a child, so aunties, cousins, big sisters this is for you too.
  • Finest – Beauty is not just skin deep, it is more importantly mind, soul and spirit enriching and radiating. Our actions, struggles, sacrifices, triumphs and achievements to those whose lives we indelibly impact are themselves beautiful. So we are all in essence finest mums.

We all have different perspectives but can learn so much from each other if we’re willing to be open, encouraging, and supportive. You can also join our community on Facebook or Instagram. Check out our blog and subscribe, like, comment or share, and keep a look out for our events


Blog Guest contributors

We need you.  Yes, we welcome contributors, so if you like to write, or have a story that needs telling (even anonymously), this is a great platform to share it.  Telling our stories brings healing not just for others, but for those sharing too.  Get in touch, send us an email at [email protected]. 

So thanks again for stopping by. Have a look around. Really looking forward to hearing from and engaging with you.

Africanfinestmums - Founder




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