Africanfinestmums is passionate about celebrating women, especially mums.  We are of the view that we generally don’t celebrate or take time out for ourselves enough.  Our events are geared towards celebrating, supporting, and motivating women to love on themselves just a little bit more.  Because, “we’re so worth it”.


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Africanfinestmums event - AfmMum2Mum check in

It’s been a challenging and stressful few months especially with Covid-19 lockdown and the more recent social injustices of police brutality, racism and others across the globe.  As holders and nurturers of our homes, we just want to check in on how you’re doing, and allow a space to openly discuss fears, concerns, hopes as well as practical solutions as we try to navigate these times and also help our children navigate the muddy waters they find themselves in because of the current state of our world.  We’re holding this free event/check in for you.

Discussions will centre around the following topics:

  • How are you feeling/coping?
  • What help can you access in your community and how to tap in?
  • Our children’s physical and emotional well being
  • Support and/or engagement with schools for our children’s benefit
  • Experience of racism or discrimination in your area
  • How your local leaders, authorities, churches are managing the issues or incidents of social injustice
  • Practical solutions that can be applied within our homes and communities to better manage and navigate the current challenges.

To join us for honest conversation, mum to mum, complete the form below and click on register.



PAST events

Just Because 2019

Africanfinestmums presents JUST BECAUSE

Just Because ….

Read our post Put on your dancing shoes Just Because… for more details about this event.

Parents Clinic with Shola Alabi – 20th October 2018

This event is free, but registration is required.  This event is for parents who are in the middle of completing their secondary school application form and might have some questions.  Join Shola, myself and other seasoned educators to talk through practicalities, share tips and expertise to help guide you through this process, helping to prepare you and your child for the transition from primary to secondary school. Only few spaces left so book now!!

Africanfinestmums - Events - Parents Clinic with Shola AlabiAfricanfinestmums - Events - Parents Clinic with Shola Alabi - The Panellists



13th January 2018 – 11+: Demystifying the myths and more….