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You never know who’s in your neighbourhood

Africanfinestmums - Raising successful children

Isn’t it funny how you meet someone by chance, many miles from home, only to discover they’re indeed your neighbour?  By this I mean they live in the same vicinity if not down the road from you. My chance meeting with this neighbour happened because a beautiful Africanfinestmum invited me last minute to an event she was hosting. Who is this neighbour, the subject of our spotlight today? Why it’s the very beautiful in frame and spirit Mrs. Shola Alabi.  Boss lady and super advocate for raising successful children.

Raising successful children

Africanfinestmums - Raising successful children blogpost

This topic is Shola’s baby, and one she passionately works hard to achieve through her many and growing ventures. Shola is a wife, mum, teacher, trained teacher, educator and author to name a few, and she’s been making a positive impact in the lives of many families for over 10 years. If you’re keen on achieving sustainable success with your children, Shola is definitely someone you want in your corner. I knew within hours of meeting her that she was not only a genuine individual, but one with whom I shared many passions.  Passions such as a love for God, sisterhood, building strong families and fostering community spirit.

I wish I’d met her earlier when I could have done with some help in mentoring and preparing my daughter for milestone exams. Her passion for teaching and helping children achieve success in their studies, and as well rounded individuals is undeniable. And all these years she’s been literally round the corner from me!

What’s she doing in the community?

Africanfinestmums - Raising successful children blogpost (Shola Alabi)

She’s doing quite a lot actually. To find out more about Shola and her work check her out at www.sholaalabi.com

I don’t want to spoil it for you (do check out her site), but for a snapshot she’s got:

  • Parenting books including “Parents, Understand Your Child”.
  • A members hub supporting parents on this oh so exciting and rollercoaster parenting journey.
  • Great resources if you’re still looking for ideas to help your child (and you) survive the Summer? Check out her #SurvivetheSummer online campaign which we shared on our Tips and Summer holidays activity ideas post last week.
  • Thurrock Tuition Centre, of which Shola is a co-Director/owner. If you’re in the Thurrock, Essex area, and are looking for great tutors, check them out. If you need help to prepare your child for 11+, SATs exams, GCSE, or even if it’s just to stay ahead in both primary and secondary school, check them out.
  • An interactive parenting workshop coming up on the 1st of September called “Start the Year RIGHT”.  This event will help you get you and your child ready to start the school year successfully on the right foot. For tickets (limited spaces available) go to Start the Year Right tickets and info

Africanfinestmums - Raising successful children


There are gems all around us

Africanfinestmums - Raising successful children blogpost

There are gems in the form of people, organisations and initiatives all around us.  They are als often much closer than we think. Enterprising mums and individuals working hard, setting up small businesses and initiatives that add value and make a difference.  These are the same that could grow to become tomorrow’s giants. I encourage you to look for the ones around you. Then when you find them, don’t be afraid to support them by telling others about them. This helps us build up our communities, and the champions in them. I’m really glad to have discovered this gem Africanfinestmum – Shola Alabi.

Africanfinestmums is passionate about celebrating and championing people in our communities (especially mums).  We love when people are making viable, positive impact that helps and inspires others. If you’re doing something you think is worthy of a shout out and want to gain more exposure, get in touch with us at [email protected] for a feature post.

If you go on to sign up for Shola’s event or her tuition centre and you read about it first via our platform, please don’t forget to mention you saw it on Africanfinestmums.

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2 thoughts on “Raising successful children – Shola Alabi”

  1. Simply amazing, i am awed and inspired by yet another mum raising the bar.
    I look forward to learning more on Shola’s website and keeping a close watch on what more she has to offer.

    1. Thanks for reading, and your comment. Mums truly are busy doing great work in their homes and in the community. Glad to be able to shine a light whenever possible. The more we know and network, the more we can engage and support each other to build even stronger homes and communities.

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