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Africanfinestmums motivational quote - Be remembered for good
QOTW – 13/08/2018

Worth remembering

In the busyness of life and living, it’s easy to get sucked into “going with the flow” and “going through the motions”. We can’t necessarily escape that, but is there purpose in those motions. When you’ve left the room, left a chapter in life, or ultimately when you leave this earth will the sum total of your motions be something worth remembering for, for good?

Worth questioning

Yesterday my mind wandered off, and settled on some beloved individuals in my life. I thought about what I love most about them, and why that is. In summary I spent a few moments recollecting their actions towards me and others, their general attitude and how being around or engaging with them makes me feel. I didn’t have to dig too hard or long through my memory bank because their impact for me was very tangible. This was true even though some of the actions were years old, and some of those loved ones long gone from this earth. They were worth remembering.

Then I thought about myself, and the following question arose. What 3 things do I want to be remembered for, and what am I doing on a day to day basis to help me achieve that? Definitely worth questioning as the latter should inform the former. If I’m spending majority of my time engaging in activities and things that won’t leave the imprint I want, then are they worth investing my time in?

What are your top 3 things?

I’m still thinking about my list and coming up with all sorts of questions.

  • What inspires, motivates and drives me?
  • Who do I want to impact the most and why?
  • How can I do that and be even more effective in making positive impact?
  • What am I investing the majority of my time and effort in?
  • Who and what am I making a priority, and do I have things in the right order?

As I think through these things this week, I invite you to join me. I’m not subscribing anything because you know you, like I know me. I think taking some time out to reflect inwards to ensure we’re aligned and in tune with our raison d’etre is time well invested. We should all count for something, and make sure that our actions count.

I wish you a blessed week, one you remember, and are remembered for.

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