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Africanfinestmums blog post - Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard - Why this matters

This case matters SO MUCH. All around the world, eyes have been glued to the defamation case Johnny brought against Amber which kicked off on April 11 2022. Even if you didn’t know or care about these individuals, you would have had to be doing the proverbial “hiding under a rock” to have completely missed snippets or hours from the trial, articles, TikTok memes and thousands of comments videos on various social media platforms about this. It’s everywhere!

I talked about their relationship in 2020 because I was so triggered by Amber (Case study in abuse: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard). I’m glad that my spidey senses for sniffing out toxic people was on point and to me this trial has shown that Johnny Depp did not “fall my hand” (Nigerian slang meaning “let me down” in terms of being the abuser. Reading that post now it feels so surreal to watch the recent defamation case play out for the world to see. It has been crazy from day one! I think Johnny Depp is incredibly brave to have gone ahead with this suit against her, because going through post separation abuse in private can be incredibly draining and painful, but on the world stage? That’s another level of cray-cray.

Africanfinestmums blog - Johnny vs Amber
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Now, on the cusp of the verdict of their defamation case, this case matters and transcends both Johnny and Amber. Here are some of my reasons why.
Domestic abuse is such a sensitive subject. Going through this defamation trial is painful enough for the public watching (imagine how much more for both parties whose dirty laundry has been washed on the extra long wash cycle in public). This trial tables this sensitive subject in a way that hasn’t been done on the world stage before and “forces” more people to look closer, and beneath the surface, instead of just staring at the surface from a distance.

• For those who don’t understand personality disorders or toxic individuals, this has been a brilliant case study in such individuals, especially those who are covert and present as if they are angels whilst being devils behind closed doors. Forensic psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry diagnosed Amber with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and histrionic personality disorder. Her performance in court matched this to a tee! I’ve thrown narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) into the mix for good measure.

• We have had a front row seat into how a very toxic, narcissistic type individual acts. Take your pick from the buffet she served up – terrible fake crying (without producing a single tear); mirroring Johnny’s dressing; pathological lying and refusal, absolute refusal to just admit to the truth (even with all the evidence staring her right in the eyeball); always turning around to the jury when answering questions; twisting the truth every which way (pledged = donated in Amber’s world); the projection and blame shifting of EVERYTHING (it was always everyone else’s fault, not hers); tons of pictures of staged pictures throughout their relationship, but NONE showing or matching the injuries she would have endured if Johnny had done a fraction of what she’s accused him of doing; her creepy way (I don’t know how else to suitably describe it) of switching emotional expression in a very unnatural way. I mean, there are so much more crazy things, but not enough space to write.

• For someone who claims to have suffered horrible domestic abuse, Amber does not show or present convincing evidence that she has suffered any. As such many actual victims of abuse worldwide don’t believe her and are not standing in solidarity with her. A few examples:–

o no victim of abuse would defecate on the bed and try to laugh or dismiss it as a practical joke gone wrong (actual victims are too frightened, walking on egg shells, and afraid of their own shadow around an abuser that they would NEVER pull such a stunt or let anyone leave that kind of mess for the abuser to find out).

o victims/survivors of abuse rather than goad, taunt or provoke their abuser (like she did repeatedly in the audio recordings) will retreat, avoid and hide from their abuser for fear of their volatile and erratic behaviour.

o An abuser will typically isolate their victim to better control them and distance them from loved ones or those who could help open their eyes to the truth. Instead in Amber’s case there was no isolation, but instead she surrounded herself and Johnny with her freeloading friends and family who lived rent free courtesy of Johnny, her “abuser”. Make it make sense!!

o Amber never takes accountability for anything, even when she’s clearly wrong. Instead she will throw everyone around her under the bus. Actual victims/survivors of abuse know that’s one of the hallmarks of abusers because we’ve lived it and were subject to such maddening and downright evil behaviour. Johnny is no saint, but he owned up to his failings (drugs and alcohol) and has showed continuous efforts towards getting better, becoming a better version of himself. Amber on the other hand presents herself as perfect, knows better than everyone else and is entitled to be believed (contrary to contradicting evidence), because she said so.

o We have had an insight into just how damaging a toxic individual and their smear campaign can be. Johnny was blackballed by Hollywood because of Amber’s false allegations, and his reputation suffered badly. After hiding her abuse of him (his finger being severed off) plus self entitled behaviour which negatively impacted him (the Australian illegal entry of their dogs incident) for years, he wanted and tried to keep things quiet and just move on. She wouldn’t let him, and by her actions (staged filing of the TRO against him, jumping on the #Metoo bandwagon by writing the Op-ed accusing him and making repeated statements to villainize him. For a 4-year relationship and 15-month marriage, Amber has made his life a living hell during their marriage and post their divorce. This trial has shown that by her actions she wanted to ruin him completely.

o It has highlighted in a big way that men also suffer and can be victims of domestic abuse. It is so important and imperative that individuals, organisations, authorities and structures are put in place to really help and support, plus believe true victims/survivors regardless of gender. The real fight is against the abuser, whether they are male or female. Domestic abuse is wrong, full stop, and it damages lives and our society in much deeper ways than many want to admit. I am team fight for and protect the true victim/survivor, all day, every day.

o Finally, this is so important because the proven victim/survivor in this relationship (Johnny) has been vindicated in the general public’s eyes as we have watched the abuser (Amber) try so hard to manipulate and gaslight everyone into believing she is the victim. A win in court in this case is not just a win for Johnny, but for every true victim/survivor of abuse who has struggled to break free and watched as the abuser wriggles their way not only out of being held accountable, but also vindictively punishes their victim even post separation or divorce. If you have experienced this personally, you know how frustrating, unfair and draining this can be.

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It is time for justice for Johnny. It’s time for justice for true victims of domestic abuse. Victims rarely get justice, so it would be amazing if this was finally served for all to see. Great work done by all of Johnny’s legal team, and a special shout out to bad ass Camille Vasquez for her brilliant cross examinations which smoked out Amber’s many lies.

Fingers crossed that Amber Heard is finally held accountable. Fingers crossed.

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