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QOTW – 30/04/2018

When kids are not involved

I’m not sure how motivational this is, I think it’s more an acknowledgement of reality. Kids just make some things harder.

For example, a couple of weeks ago I got challenged to do a 7 day no fizzy drinks, mainly drink water challenge. Now this is hard for me because I’ve got a sweet tooth, and I’ve been so used to drinking juice or sweetened water of some kind, whether that’s fizzy or still. So I thought I was really going to struggle with this, but was up for the challenge. I found out, with concentrated effort, will power and prayer, I surprised myself and did it. I felt stronger, healthier, and would you believe I even enjoyed the challenge.

When kids are involved

Skip to last week. On the strength of my success with the water challenge, I thought I’d up the ante and do a think only positive, speak only positive week. In reality, with the kids in the mix, that didn’t last 5 minutes. I did a reset, and told myself that was a blip, a trial run, and started again. I tried to apply the same concentrated effort, will power and prayer. That only lasted 20 minutes when my kids started a stupid argument, about something stupid that I can’t even remember.

Oh well, I tried. Welcome to my everyday reality as a mum. Where’s the motivation you ask? Ha ha, we’re in this boat together. I will keep on trying, until I can master this sufficiently to go 1 day, then 3, then 7, then longer even with my kids in the mix.

Finest mums can you relate? Do you struggle with this, and how do you overcome?