Post your truth

Simple but rich quote I heard from the lovely Janelle Vaughn Dowell. The session was on utilising and leveraging social media, but this reasonated with me in a thought box perhaps outside of what the quote was originally meant for.

The first takeaway for me is about posting.  What and where are we posting?   In an age where we're increasingly consumed with living e-lives via social media, many lives are portrayed as an ideal, so the temptation to copy, and paint a brighter or different picture is high.  I think this is dangerous because we can end up either sharing more than we should, or sharing what is in effect someone else's projection.  It might get more likes and views, but it's more important to LIVE our actual lives and work on LIVING it to develop the best version of ourselves that we can.

My second takeaway is consistency.  Consistency in how often we post our truth.  For a business or entrepreneur, this means engaging in activity on a regular basis to help build followers.  Deeper still, I also take this to mean, be and show you, day in, day out.  Let the real you shine through always.  I love and admire many amazing people, but I still would rather be known for being me, not a half baked version of them.

Post YOUR truth......... consistently.

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