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QOTW – 12/11/2018

Right woman, wrong man

I was watching a recent interview of Michelle from Destiny’s Child, and she dropped this eye opening nugget which stopped me in my tracks. She was discussing her recent reality show and relationship with her fiance.  She was explaining why in her view some relationships just don’t work and women are hurting themselves in the process by pouring all their energy into loving the wrong man. Is this true, and does this statement apply vice versa? In a way I think this can be likened to the bible verse of casting your pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6). You can spend your life giving, but if it’s to the wrong man you’ll just end up drained, depleted, frustrated, and that person who was wrong for you won’t appreciate, acknowledge, accept or reciprocate what you’ve given.

Nothing seems to work

How many couples have had explosive (for all the wrong reasons) relationship, but then broke up, got together with someone else then suddenly there was peace and calm? For example Abigal and Nabal in the bible (1 Samuel 25), Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Halle Berry and Eric Benet? I’m not talking about the ups and downs of relationships because these exist everywhere, as life does happen. But there are some where it’s a battlefield where nothing seems to work (talk, shout, pray, fast, give, beg, love) to make it better.  Could it be because of this? Could this be a factor contributing to the alarming increase in unhappy marriages? I wonder.

Shaking the table?

Not sure if this is “shaking the table” (stirring up uncomfortable topics of conversation so they can be talked about) or not, but would love to know what you think. I particularly want to hear from you if you don’t agree. Also, if you do find yourself in this type of situation where you’re a woman loving on the wrong man, what then? Should you run, throw in the towel, consider yourself doomed, or are there ways to manage this so it works out well for both of you in the end? We’re going to discuss this with a relationship expert in an FB Live coming later this week. Follow us on Facebook, to keep up to date, and please join the conversation. We’re encouraging real talk, that leads to real, workable solutions that help us as individuals, and thereby society as a whole.

Wishing you a blessed week.

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