Motivational quotes for mums – Trying to fit

Motivational quotes for mums - trying to fit
QOTW- 05/01/2018

Trying to fit

For this week's Quote of the week (QOTW) I'm in one of those reflective moods where my mind goes deep, like I'm digging for gold. Whether you dig in deep with this, or stay on the surface, I think there's still a takeaway in here for you.


Sometimes we spend so much time and effort trying to fit in with something or with someone, with a version of what "they" say we should be, or what we've convinced ourselves that we should be. Circle trying to fit into a square! The outcome of this is, we just end up emotionally worn out and bent out of shape.


Whatever it is you're fitting in to, or with, please make sure it's the right shape and fit for YOU.


Wishing you a soul searching, finding and successful week.

3 thoughts on “Motivational quotes for mums – Trying to fit”

  1. Growing up both in Africa and the UK, there have been times where I have not fitted in, but I must admit I have used it to my advantage, speaking more than one language and feeling “international” is a great asset, Ladies, the corny cliché goes, when life gives you lemons…

    1. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience. I like that – have used it to my advantage. You’ve certainly approached it positively. Looks like you realised your shape whether it was square or circle was fine as it was and hence you didn’t need to try and squeeze yourself into a different shape. Forgive the shape analogies, i guess I’m just feeling and enjoying talking about shapes today ?.

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