Quote of the week – Do something

Africanfinestmums QOTW - Do something
QOTW 13/01/2020 Pic credit – Alexas_Fotos

History teaches….

….. that this quote is so true. The horrors of every war, the injustice against every vulnerable child, victim of abuse, maligned individual or worker bullied into submission by the big bad bully, boss, or big corporation. See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil, continues to help evil to flourish.

“I don’t want to get involved”

“It’s got nothing to do with me”

“I don’t want no trouble”.

I get it. We’re just trying to protect ourselves and not get in over our heads or invite what we can’t manage or control into our safe space. We all say and do it, until someone we love gets hurt, or that trouble finds itself smack down on our own front door.

Where do we draw the line though? That’s a tough one. For example, if someone who saw the evil, had done something 30 odd years ago after R Kelly had been molested himself, would it had saved him and his victims his 30 years reign of abuse? What about in all the years since? His mother, his siblings, his family, his friends, his crew and staff, the authorities, the big players in the music industry, his fans etc. At some point sooner, the reign of terror could have been stopped, and lives (including his own) may have been saved from pain, abuse, destruction, if enough good people had done something. It’s a sobering thought.

Evil thrives in silence, in looking the other way, in minding your own business, in good people doing nothing. Many heroes we celebrate today is because despite the pressure to do nothing, they bucked the trend and did something. Now for you it might not save a life, and you might not get any applause or earthly reward. On the other hand what if it does? What if your little something, is strong enough to cause a ripple effect that leads to getting someone out of a sticky situation, that could in future cause them a lot of harm? What if?

Don’t let evil win. Do something.

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