Quote of the week – Dreams come true

Africanfinestmums - Quote of the week - Dreams come true
QOTW – 28/05/2018 Photo credit: Katzenfee50

The importance of dreams

Dreams are often out of this world, larger than life, visionary, impossible…….. up until the point they become reality. I’m talking about those hopes and aspirations that stir you up inside, would place you and your loved ones on a plateau, at heights seemingly unreachable. This could be yours and/or their health, financial or economic circumstance, career or relationships. But dream we must, because it helps us to think bigger, hope for more, believe the impossible. Subconsciously by doing so, we prepare our minds, and open up ourselves ready to work for, get aligned and receive that which we dare to dream for.

Keep dreaming

Don’t stop. It’s okay not to limit what you can think of, visualise and expect for yourself. Don’t be scared to dream big either because you’ve been disappointed in the past, or you don’t think you’re deserving of the things you’re dreaming of. Those living their dreams today haven’t got two heads. You deserve the best, you deserve a life lived to the full. So get ready and stay in readiness to receive.

Dream big, dream courageously and without apology too. Work hard, exercise faith, expect the best, and be thankful when you see those dreams come to pass.

What are you dreaming about today?

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