Shout out to football mums!

          You know who you are – Mums of children who participate in a football club or team.  In the spirit of diversity and inclusivity I’m extending this title to those with children who actively participate in some sporting activity either during a particular season, or year round.

Definition now clarified – Football season is upon us! Oh Lord, here we go again.

In my experience “football mums” fall into one of the following camps:
* Excited, live for this and can’t wait to get started
* Seriously dreading it

* Don’t give a damn whatsoever

I’m in Camp 2 – I am DREADING this.

I love sports and I was quite sporty in my younger years, so I think it’s great to get kids actively engaged in some type of sport, particularly if they have a natural flair for it.  It keeps them positively engaged in something other than TV or video games, and it’s a step towards developing a healthy lifestyle which is great for general wellbeing and other opportunities.

Positives highlighted, here’s where my dread comes in:

1. From now to February at least, the weather will just keep getting colder if you’re anywhere a considerable distance from the equator. Cue, hats, gloves, scarves, thick coats, gloves, juggling all the above with a thermos of tea which you’ll end up spilling at least 50% of contents (if not the whole lot) all over yourself.

2. The older your child gets, the more competitive it gets.  This is good, in terms of challenging your child and helping them build and develop their skills. This is bad in terms of you’ll have to play chauffeur for an increasing number of games, thus more of no. 1 above (Yay! – not).

3. The worst in my view is if you’re like me and get too involved in the game.  From feeling so nervous for your child and so eager for him/her (plus their team of course), to perform brilliantly, that you can’t watch. To not being able to not watch for that very same reason. So for the whole game you work yourself into a frenzy.  My husband had to give me the look and a low but stern “Calm yourself down” on one such game because I hadn’t realised both the increased shrill of my voice, and the increased critical glances in my direction from the other parents. After that particular episode I deliberately stayed away from matches for a few months (to wean myself off and take some much needed lessons in civilised football mum etiquette).  If Daddy couldn’t take him to a game, then no game because Mummy wasn’t going.

So with both kids now playing football this season (writing this from son’s second football match of the week), and some etiquette lessons under my belt, I had no choice but to get back out there.

Please pray for me. I know this is going to be a rough season (for me).

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