Touched by an angel

Africanfinestmums blog post - Touched by an angel
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Every day run round

Last week I was rushing to work, but had an encounter with an angel and just had to pen it down.

As usual I had a million things on my mind. Mentally calculating how many hours I had to get double the amount of work done. Going over a conversation I’d had the day before and still processing how much it had affected me and whether my response was enough, the right one or would cause issues further down the line. In seasons of change one finds themselves either second guessing a lot of things, or mentally calculating actions or reactions because you want to better apply lessons learnt. Awakened self awareness is good, really good, but can leave you emotionally drained, and that’s where my state of mind was – feeling drained and not my best.

Africanfinestmums blog post - Touched by an angel
View of dress from the back

Stopped by an angel?

My mind drifted to the outfit I had on and how I looked. I love the dress I was wearing, but was nit picking at myself because of my mood. “My hair’s a mess but I won’t have time to get it done for at least another week”, I thought. “This dress works better with high heels, why didn’t I wear flat shoes?” was the next thought. “Aaaargh who cares about me or what I look like anyway”, I admonished myself as I headed for the escalator to make my way through the crowd and out of the station.

“Excuse me”, a female voice called out to me. I turned round to see who it was. I didn’t recognise her. Mediterranean look, short frame, curly hair, bright brown eyes, beautiful smile. “Your dress is gorgeous. I just had to see who was wearing it. It fits you perfectly”. My heart melted and my pensive look turned into a smile. I managed a “thank you so much”, and held back the tears quickly forming in my eyes. We exchanged smiles, a gentle tap on the shoulder and she rushed off to attend to whatever business she had for the day. That exchange only lasted seconds, but I felt like I’d been touched by an angel.

Africanfinestmums blog post - Touched by an angel

Angels – watching over us?

So, was this lady an angel? I’m convinced she was. She came at the exact moment I needed that pick me up and reassurance to stop me from viewing myself through tinted megative lens the whole day. I don’t think it’s coincidence that her words were exactly what I needed to hear and were in direct response to the very thoughts that had formed in my head. I’ve never seen her before, and may never see her again or recognise her if I do. In a space filled with hundreds of people in a rush to get to their various locations (during rush hour in London nobody has time or even patience for anybody), I believe God used her to remind me that He cares about how I look and feel, and He loves me as I am. I needed that message at the exact moment it came.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11). I don’t believe they only guard, they support, help and strengthen too.

Whether or not you believe in angels, I challenge you to be one today. God’s love and presence with us is often felt and experienced through each other too. We are his physical hands, feet, hearts here on earth. The family member who looks after you and helps in your time of need, the friend who remembers your favourite snack and buys you two packets or calls you just to check if you’re ok, the stranger who picked up the wallet you dropped by accident and chases after you to give it back. There are millions of scenarios like this happening every day. You will always remember how someone made you feel and grand gestures aren’t always required. Most times it’s the small and genuine ones where nothing is expected in return that make the biggest impact. From a simple gesture that she’s probably already forgotten that lady (angel) changed my whole mood that day and since, as it was important enough for me to write a blog post about.

Are you ready to be an angel today?

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4 thoughts on “Touched by an angel”

  1. This blog is fantastic and I was divinely connected to it just as I was mulling over a post I was about to make where I was about to describe my sister friends as angels! I know the feeling when God reaches out to gently touch us through a person; known or not. And by the way your dress, your hair and you all look stunning! In fact you are glowing! Whatever you’re doing keep it up!

    1. Thanks Lady P. I’m glad it resonated with you. Thank God indeed for sister angels. Thanks also for the compliments. I can’t claim anything except God’s divine grace. He continues to blow my mind

  2. I am a believer, we encounter God in so any different ways, the key is to be sensitive in our interactions to get the full experience.

    PS the dress is gorgeous, you are gorgeous now pls share a link to the dress ?

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