Yay Meghan! African princess

Go gurl go!

So Meghan Markle is in line to become the next English princess. I am loving it, for a whole lot of reasons.  I love a good love story, and one that leads to marriage and a happy ever after to a real life English prince is right up there in the top 3 of what I would consider the best romantic books ever written.

To be honest though, I did not think this would come to pass. Seriously.

Nothing against her, I don't know her personally, and from what I have seen she comes across as a wonderfully beautiful (physically and emotionally) and classy lady.  However I thought there were too many things in the traditional sense that were counting against her. I thought the "powers that be", "the firm", would use all, or find a way to get one to stick like glue and disqualify her.

Fresh daisy in the field?

This she is not, she's a divorcee!  Remember the palava when King Edward had to abdicate because of Wallis-Simpson? Princess Margaret couldn't marry her heartthrob Peter Townsend for the same reason. Prince Charles came with Camilla and they let them, but by that time their history was too long, Diana was no longer with us and people were tired of all their shenanigans anyway. That said, it still wasn't an easy breeze in.  So does this indicate that finally the royal rules have relaxed considerably,society is now generally in acceptance and ready to let go of previously strongly held traditions?  Let's wait and see.

This is no English rose

Yes o, in case you didn't know, she is black, so of African heritage. We know she describes herself as mixed race, but long and short is her mum, (not even her great great ancestor down the line) is black American, so the blood lineage is still very fresh and current. I was not sure this generation of British folk, despite how down to earth and liberal Prince Harry and Prince William are, would be ready to accept a little chocolate with their glass of milk.  That said, this chocolate is very light milk chocolate.  Would it have been different if she was dark chocolate or called Sheniqua or wore cornrows in her hair? You do have to squint to see she is chocolate, and maybe her "non-offensive" presentation of her blackness helped her case a bit.  Would it have been different if she was engaged to Prince William who is 2nd in line to the throne, not Prince Harry who is 5th, (about to become 6th)?  I don't know, but we have to ask these questions (and I have to stop talking about chocolate because I'm getting hungry) because deep down I think many people are wondering the same.  I love Gina Yashere's take on it in the video below.  It really made me think, hmmmm.

There are other smaller factors like she's an actress.  Not that this hasn't been done before (Grace Kelly), but it is still something when the future princess has kissed and canoodled with guys on screen.  She is no spring chicken at 36, and is older than Prince Harry.  She is also not a Lady So and So of the Somethingshire, neither is she connected to anyone of that societal class.  The girl is from Crenshaw! Yes that place that every hard rapper mentions in their rap, or likes to say they come from, or knows somebody who got "jacked" in Crenshaw.  Hmmm, yes Meghan, you did that!

Rooting for you gurl!

All that said, they both look genuinely happy and in love with each other, and that's a great place to start.  She was an independent, successful and reasonably well known individual so in my opinion didn't need Prince Harry.  In fact I think she's incredibly brave to go under the intense microscope this relationship has now placed her under.  She can't be that independent woman anymore, and will have her every move vetted by "the firm".  Good thing she never liked cornrows, braids or large loop earrings because she definitely won't be wearing them now.  This life under a microscope thing is quite a big con to go with the pros of getting your prince.  I hope the trolls and outside pressures don't make this unnecessarily complicated or difficult for them.

Wishing you the very best and a happy fairy tale ending with your charming prince, and some chocolate milk babies.

What do you think?  Are you happy for Meghan?

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