Africanfinestmums - Cedarcube Founder - Ihu Nweke
Africanfinestmums - Going behind the mask - Ihu Nweke
Africanfinestmums - Going behind the mask - surprise

Going behind the mask on domestic violence - Ihu Nweke

One of my greatest joys in building Africanfinestmums is getting to discover and meet really amazing mums, and learning more about them through their passions.  In this feature post we get a quick and memorable glance at Ihu Nweke......

Africanfinestmums - Raising successful children blogpost
Africanfinestmums - Raising successful children

Raising successful children - Shola Alabi

Isn't it funny how you meet someone by chance, many miles from home, only to discover they're indeed your neighbour?  Who is this neighbour, the subject of our spotlight today?  Why it's the very beautiful in frame and spirit, Mrs. Shola Alabi.

Africanfinestmums - Yes we do have meltdowns blog post - how're you doing?
Africanfinestmums - Yes we do have meltdowns blog post - the meltdown
Africanfinestmums - one bright sunny morning

Yes we do have meltdowns

I read somewhere this week and saw a few seconds of a video of a mum's meltdown.  It seemed to catch some by surprise, so in solidarity I thought I'd share one of mine (story that is).

Beautiful African mum
No Scrunchie awards winner Best locs
Africanfinestmums Marlene and Uju

Spotlight on an Africanfinestmum

This post is a simple one.  It's simply about shining a spotlight on one Africanfinestmum.  Today's highlight is on Mrs. Marlene UC Abuah....

Behind every successful woman, is a man?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this saying should precisely mirror the one of "behind every successful man is a woman".  This should be the case without question right?  Yes it should.....

To Rice or Beans

            Navigating proper etiquette in the work place can be tricky at best, a minefield at worst. Simple things like how many times to offer to do the tea round, how short is too short for your skirt/dress, how low is too low for cleavage bearing?  Everyday things right, but landing right or left of the boundaries can get you a promotion or sworn enemies for the length of your

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