I hate boys!

This, was the strongly expressed sentiment of my looks like a teen, but a couple years to go daughter the other day.

“Anyway I hate boys!”

….As the words came out of her mouth, in my mind I had just sung an operatic “Hallelujah!”…

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Shout out to football mums!

  You know who you are – Mums of children who participate in a football club or team.  In the spirit of diversity and inclusivity I’m extending this title to those with children who actively participate in some sporting activity either during a particular season, or year round.

Definition now clarified – Football season is upon us! Oh Lord, here we go again.

In my experience “football mums” fall into one of the following camps:

* Excited, live for this and can’t wait to get started

* Seriously dreading it

* Don’t give a damn whatsoever …

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