Feeling fly Ms Thang

Mschew. Look at me, feeling cool. I was feeling myself o, loving the bright colour of my top and how the ensemble looked on me. It was just something I threw together, but I was appreciating the way the combination fit and looked on me. Nice!

I was only popping out locally to run a few errands, but I was like I said, feeling myself. So I put on heeled sandals, added some eye shadow to match my top, grabbed my bag and asked my son to take a picture of me.

Yaaassss! I thought.  Not looking or feeling too bad at all.  Extrovert me is coming out, (well more like crawling out). You see I don't do very well with posing, because i just never know what to do with my hands. Up, down, to the side, what? Ugh, too complicated, so I settle for placing it on my hair.

He takes the picture grudgingly, but he got the job done so yay! I check the pictures. Oh damn!  I thought i was cool, cute and co-ordinated. Mschew. Can you spot the mistake?

I forgot to put on my watch! Damn!  Is it just me that this happens to?

What have you forgetten to put on, or what got in the frame and spoilt your perfect picture?  Don't be afraid to share your pics so we can sympathise and laugh along with you.

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