Reminds me of mum

What do you see when you look at these flowers? Bright red hue, nice surroundings, summer day, leafy palm?   For me, these flowers reminds me of my mum.
My mum's alive and well thank God, but I live in a different country with my husband and children so don't get to see her anywhere as often as I would like.  My mum has always been green- fingered, and I have great memories of watching her plant vegetables and plants that would bloom into beautiful flowers.  I remember potting about with her helping to water the plants, preparing the soil to plant seeds or plucking green vegetables for cooking yam porridge.  She just loves gardening, nurturing and watching things grow. So when I had the opportunity to create my own garden I knew I had to have something in it to remind me and the kids of her.
These flowers represent that.  We call them Grandma Rose's roses.  My mum's name is Rose, and she looks amazing in red.
3 years since planting it, nurturing it and just watching it do it's thing in harmony with nature, I have seen it hibernate in the winter and reawaken every spring with flowers that appear brighter than even the years before. Last year it even produced one single bright bud in October when everything else was brown and falling off.  I also send her pictures of it every year when it's in bloom.  Just one small way of letting her know we're thinking of her, love her and miss her.What things or special traditions do you have or observe that remind you of your Mum? I'm sure you have loads, would love to hear them.

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