Most unique creatures – superheroes

Africanfinestmums - Happy Mother's Day

Mothers are truly some of the most unique creatures on this planet. Real life superheroes. With each passing year I become even more aware of this as I meet and work through both ongoing and new challenges in my journey through life as an individual and a mum. My admiration and respect for my mum, and millions other mums around the world who are on a quest to be the best version of themselves, so that they can be the best mums they can be for their children, goes up ten fold each time. The quest might even be unconsciously done, yet as if on auto pilot mothers give, sacrifice, fall down, get back up, and never give up, with such tenacity, passion and strength. I stand and remain in awe, and I’m applauding and cheering you on all the way. One day alone does not do you all justice, but we’ll take it, thank God for it and give you the honour you so richly deserve.

A mother’s strength

Africanfinestmums - Happy Mother's Day

Having gone through many trials in the past year, I’ve been awakened to the truth of a mother’s strength. Generally because we are often regarded as the physically weaker one, the meeker one (the push over),and the more familiar one (because we’re more predominantly present), our strengths go unrecognised, even by us. Yet it is these “weaker” attributes such as our mother’s instinct and intuition, our softness, tenderness and care, our regular bouts of mum guilt, our sleepness nights fixing, preparing things for our children and looking after them on sick days, being the last to eat or the “dustbin” because we want to be sure everyone’s been taken care of first, going without so our children get something they really like or need instead, accepting less than we deserve to give our children the opportunities we know they deserve, or even giving up or putting aside our dreams to achieve balance and care for our children and home. I could go on and on, on the millions of things we do on a daily basis. If you stop and think about it you will know the things you have done even this morning alone. Just wow! Finest mums you are incredibly strong, never doubt that, and never let anyone tell or make you believe otherwise.

With strength comes power and responsibility

Africanfinestmums - Happy Mother's Day

The scary thing about this strength we have is the power and responsibility that comes with it. There are so many negative implications and effects for generations to come that could result from us getting this crucial role wrong. Let’s not forget that our babies are looking up to us and relying on us. Let’s look at it not out of fear for getting it wrong, but as a call to do our best to get it right. Hence why we owe it to ourselves and society to intentionally and constantly work on being the best version of ourselves we can be. How do we do this?

  • By praying and asking God for strength, wisdom, insight and health to do this job right.
  • By not letting our egos stop us from seeking help when we are getting things wrong or just too tired from trying to do it all.
  • By following good examples and models and tailoring those good examples to our situations in ways that will work for us.
  • By supporting each other in this vocation rather than judging or putting each other down.
  • By being brave enough to realise when we are getting things wrong and take steps to change rather than letting pride and denial keep us in those wrong habits or patterns.
  • By putting aside that notion that we are weak, or of less value than we are, then realise our strength and power and owning it like the superheroes that we are.

Happy Mother’s Day finest mums

Africanfinestmums - Happy Mother's Day

Finest mums you are awesome. There is no perfect mum, she does not exist because we are human and are bound to make mistakes. What makes us finest mums is our unwavering drive and efforts to do and give our best, and keep working at it to keep improving instead of giving up. For those who have passed on, we miss you and remember your love and sacrifice, and honour you too today. For those who are still expecting or not able to become mothers biologically, but mothering others in many different ways regardless, we recognise, celebrate and love you. From my heart to yours, Happy Mother’s Day finest mums everywhere, and may God bless you to realise your true worth and value to Him, your children, your families and society.

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