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QOTW – 07/05/2018

Everyday reminder

On the days that I’m down, I choose to rise.

When I feel like I’m on on top, I choose to rise.

Despite the drum beats calling me to quit, I choose to rise.

Even if the tone changes to one urging me to stop, I choose to rise.

Come hell or high water, I choose to rise.

When I don’t give a ………….., I choose to rise.

What about when the walls are crumbling and tumbling down? I choose to rise.

When I can’t see the supporters any more, I choose to rise.

Even if the applause is loud and ovations on a repeat cycle, I choose to rise.

In those moments when I can’t trust anyone, save God, I choose to rise.

If I’ve come off a high and find myself facing a valley, I choose to rise.

When the tears have fallen, makeup smudged, and snot is running, I choose to rise.

It’s our choice to make

We have to choose. Sink or swim, ride the wave or drown, we can’t leave or pin the responsibility on anyone else. There will be times when we feel like our strength and resolve are not enough to even think, let alone choose, and in those days I pray I have enough in reserve to eventually whimper if needs be, “I choose to rise”.

Hopefully the journey though hard will be made easier by the choices we make. Despite the circumstances, I want my choice to be that I chose to rise. Choose to learn, to forgive, to love, to try, to push, to improve, to overcome, to be kind enough to myself to get up and not stay down, to keep it moving and rise higher.

I CHOOSE TO RISE. What do you choose?

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2 thoughts on “Motivational quotes – Choose to rise”

  1. A very nice piece. I am striving to keep rising harder. I have chosen not to slack, be stagnant but to keep moving with the aim of rising. I am learning not to allow obstacles deter me my plans to rise.

    Thank you for all the beautiful reminders within this article.

    1. Thanks Elsie. I find myself reverting back to old and not so helpful ways of operating when obstacles rise. I’m getting better at managing this but find that regular reminders such as these help me to practice implementing positive actions more. I’m glad this resonated with you.

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