Launching soon – PRIM2SEC support group

Africanfinestmums - Prim2Sec Support group launching soon

It’s almost here

Africanfinestmums - Prim2Sec support group almost here. Yeah!

I’m so excited to be sharing the news that we’re creating and will soon launch our Prim2Sec online support group. Yeah! Are you in the UK, and have a child between Years 3 and 7? Are you struggling with navigating the transition years from Primary to Secondary school for both you, and your child? Do you need help with navigating the complex and uncertain waters of secondary school choices, exams and applications? Then this group is just for you.

One story that applies to so many

I told the story last year of how I was faring with getting my daughter prepared and ready for the 11+ exams. You can read it here Are you an 11+ mum? I struggled, I really did. One of the worst things was not having the right information, or finding out too late. I also didn’t know who to ask, and when I did ask, I found that not many people were forthcoming with useful information. This was partly because those I asked didn’t know, and to some extent (some might disagree with this view), I think we struggle as a community with sharing information. You know great information such as school choices and application procedures. Also practical advice like understanding the amount of work involved for both the parent and child in terms of getting ready for secondary school entry exams. So I bumbled along, hopped, skipped some of it, crawled the rest, and still have emotional bruises I’m still trying to get over.

What to do, what to do?

Africanfinestmums - PRIM2SEC support group - choices choices

Some might say there’s plenty of information out there from schools and online. There is, but trust me, a lot of it can turn out to be vague, confusing, and thereby not tailored to really help you. There’s a big difference in receiving inside information and or insight from those who have already been through the process, and are willing to guide you through it effectively. These transition years (Years 4 – 7) are filled with a lot of activity, decisions and character forming opportunities for our children and ourselves that can make such an impact in their futures. I would have given anything to have one place where I could access relevant information. Or just people to hold my hand at critical moments to reassure me that I wasn’t in this alone, and wasn’t going crazy. That’s why this support group is being created, to help as many people as possible. You don’t have to go through that experience alone, and can have access to really useful information when you need it. Africanfinestmums is all about celebrating and supporting mums, and this is one way of fulfilling that purpose. 11 tips for succeeding in the 11 plus exams

What will you get with this group?

Africanfinestmums - Prim2Sec support group

For a small monthly subscription fee you’ll get:

  • Unlimited access to members only online platform.
  • One stop shop containing links to excellent and highly recommended study and exam resources (including discounted material).
  • Regular updates and prompts on secondary school information, e.g. deadlines, application procedures, events and opportunities, league tables etc.
  • Closed forum to ask questions and share honest, practical advice, recommendation and support with other mums.
  • WhatsApp group for quick queries, rants, encouragement and success stories.
  • Much much more……
  • 50% discount for the first 5 months for the first 50 members.

How do I join?

Go to the sign up page to register and join.  Email us at if you have any queries.

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