Motivational quotes – Don’t come for my child

Africanfinestmums motivational quotes - Don't come for my child
QOTW – 21/05/2018 Image credit – James_Jester

The emotion is real

I was having a conversation yesterday with my child (my daughter), and she was telling me about some individuals at her school she had had a falling out with. They weren’t particularly friends or classmates, just other pupils in the school she meets during lunch break or in the library or playground. One of the individuals had in jest said something not very nice to her. You should have seen my mama bear antennae go up. “What exactly did she say?” “Did you say something first?” “Was there a teacher there when she said it?” “Did you report her to the teacher?” My questions came thick and fast. My daughter had actually handled the situation well. She stood up for herself and pushed back on the girl’s comments matter of factly without being aggressive. Before I left the subject alone I gave her side glances (when she was not looking) just to make sure that she wasn’t emotionally hurt by the incident. For the briefest of moments I had already pictured myself in the Principal’s office telling him my 2 cents on the matter. Strong emotions awoken, for something that didn’t even require my presence or input to resolve.

For the love of a child

This got me thinking afterwards of how fierce my love for, and natural instinct to protect my children are. It’s crazy because half the time they drive me crazy. Yet I would not hesitate to go absolutely ham, Jackie Chan style on anyone who would make the stupid mistake of hurting my child. Thinking back, my mum was the same, and even my dad as calm as he is I know would go mental on my behalf. Deeper still, (if you are a believer you will understand), how much more are God’s instincts on my behalf? He who can move mountains on my behalf (Isaiah 45:2), He who gives up nations instead of me (Isaiah 43:4), and He from whom nothing can separate me from His love (Romans 8: 39). Doesn’t that make you feel less crazy (when you instincts kick in), and more loved and valued by the most awesome being there is? It certainly works for me.

When was the last time your inner lioness came out on account of your child?

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