Permission to be me


Reminder for mums especially that you do not need permission to be yourself. Go on, the universe is waiting

Quote of the week - 11/12/17

Do you ever feel like, "I've forgotten how to be me", or that you need permission to be yourself?  As a mum, it is easy to be so focused on being the perfect mother, wife or partner, that you lose yourself, or forget there is room to be yourself even whilst juggling all that, and everything else.


Your ability to do a better job of all your other roles, stems from a stronger, better you.  Don't forget one of our previous quotes, Better Me = Better Us


If you needed that reminder, this week's quote is for you with love.

2 thoughts on “Permission to be me”

  1. not always easy to be “me”. requires lots of confidence which we don’t always have in abundance, but let’s try

    1. Thanks for your comment. I know it is not easy, honestly I do. Sometimes all you can do is do it afraid until with practice it gets easier. We have one life, and it would be a shame to live all of it as a version of something or someone that isn’t really you.

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