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QOTW – 11/06/2018

It’s okay not to be everything

Mums are used to being everything for their children. Caregiver, cook, cleaner, laundry queen, driver, teacher, the list goes on and on. When it comes to other parts of our life, and in this particular instance I mean business, sometimes we fall into the habit of thinking we’ve got to be everything. If we’re in a particular line of business we take on a variety of functions (even those we haven’t got the right skill set for). Or alternatively we have our hands in too many business ideas. I’m not suggesting we can’t do more than one thing because multi-tasking is part and parcel of our DNA. However if not careful we can take on more than we have the skill for, the patience, or capacity for. That can be a lot of pressure to deal with, leaving us stressed, overwhelmed and even feeling lost.


It is important to remember that you are meant to be SOMETHING. By that I mean unique, valuable, created with the purpose of giving something special to the world. That something might impact hundreds, millions or billions, but regardless of number all have equal value and purpose – to bless others. Don’t get so lost busy mum in trying to be everything, that you miss out on being the something you were created to be.

Your skills, your talent, mixed with the right opportunities acted on at the right time, and God’s guidance, favour and help can lead you to your SOMETHING. That SOMETHING is better than being everything, and even with its challenges is still a better, sweeter place to be.

Waiting for you

We are waiting for you, counting on you, and cheering you on as you discover what that SOMETHING is. When you find it, do it well. If you’ve found it, keep doing it well.

Wishing you a breakthrough week.

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