Tips (and a story) about World Book Day

It's here again

Celebrating World Book Day

Yes lovelies, World Book Day is coming around again - 1st March 2018.

If your kids have gone past primary school age, chances are you don't know about it, don't care, or are just so relieved that you don't have to worry about it ever again. I'm not talking about the day itself, (which by the way is a great way to celebrate and promote love for books with our children).  It's all about the dreaded costumes.

In years gone by

World Book Day - everything going wrong it's mummy's fault

For the past few years this day has been a nightmare for me because it's been sprung on me (absolutely nothing to do with my planning skills whatsoever). From the schools only reminding you a few days to the event, the indecision by your kid(s) over which character to dress up like, then the mad dash the night before to find or make a costume that can be remotely associated with the character your child wants to look like - it's all a bit much. It can suck all the joy out of the event. I don't necessarily want to relive my adventure on this, but if you're interested you can read about it here Another World Book Day

We're making progress

World Book Day pictures - super mum

This year luckily my kids aren't as picky. My son is happy to recycle last year's costume (Yes!!!), and my daughter wants to make hers (awesome mama glowing with pride plus a side fist pump). It might be that the "I'm not impressed" look I gave them in the store last year has haunted them all year.  Or I'm just somehow miraculously raising resourceful kids that care about the environment, and will save the world one day. I'll leave that with you to choose.

World Book Day costume tips

World Book Day - cutie all dressed up

Having been spared the trauma (heh heh heh), I'm in a particularly jovial and sharing mood.  So I will point you in the direction of resourceful posts to help you win this year. In these links they have compiled some of the best costumes, and tips on how to make or get your hands on them. You've got a whopping whole week to get yourself and kid(s) sorted, so no excuse not to knock it out of the park this year.  Beware though that not all might be to your liking (I'm not sure about the boy in the dress or any witches one), but hopefully you'll find something in the mix that will help you.

World Book Day - Dressing up Gallery

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Books really are great

World Book Day - get stuck in a good book

Feeding and nurturing your child's imagination, plus the understanding of and proper use of the written word is a source of power and a gift which once obtained can't be taken away. I encourage you to teach and show them that books are not just to be crammed the night before an exam.  Instead they are a gateway to knowledge, opportunity and freedom. Some things you can do to help encourage your child to enjoy reading include:

  • Bedtime reading,
  • Having your child read back to you for 15 - 30 minutes a day,
  • Utilising library facilities (if you have one near you),
  • Gifting some books in place of always buying toys

By doing so you'll be investing in their future.  Happy World Book Day.


Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.  It's great to hear from and learn from you too.

2 thoughts on “Tips (and a story) about World Book Day”

  1. As a child, I would read everything that I came in contact with. Reading broadened my imagination and I could always escape to a different world each time. It tuned up my sense of humor and gave me an edge over my peers. I was way advanced in happenings around me and till now I am guided by the experience.

    1. Thanks for your comment Flo. I hope your love for books hasn’t faded with age. You reminded me of my childhood years too. I would similarly happily lose myself in books. Sometimes I fear there’s too much technological distraction nowadays that kids won’t get the same chances and space as we did to fall in love with books, without extra effort.

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