Motivational quotes for mums – Surprise yourself

Motivational quotes for mums - Surprise yourself
QOTW – 19/02/18

I know of so many awesome mums who are courageous, confident, kicking butt, going for it, making waves, living the dream. I’m so proud of you. We’re so proud of you. Whether you’re super famous, getting famous or not, I applaud you and whatever fire inside you that got you moving, and taking those bold steps to get to where you are. Your examples are admirable. Don’t stop, keep pushing, keep going, even when it seems too much. We know it’s not easy, even though you make it look like it is. You’re doing great. Keep surprising yourself.

For those also awesome mums who are unsure, not confident, fearful, don’t feel you’re good enough or strong enough, give yourself a chance. You’re stronger than you think. Even if you feel like you’ve lost yourself along the way because of marriage, motherhood, life circumstances, it’s not too late, you can still surprise yourself. Your dreams can still be realised. Take a step, however small, like find a mentor/example you can emulate, start believing in yourself, share/voice that dream with someone you trust and believes in you, practice and develop your skills, invest in yourself, commit your plans into God’s hands. There are many things you can do. Take a step, however small.

We’re rooting for you all the way. Wishing you a fantastic week.

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