What’s hot right now?

What’s hot?

Africanfinestmums blog - What's hot right now?

Right I figured I’d try something new, and share mine (and a few other Africanfinestmums from our Facebook group) thoughts on things we think are worth a look in, and trending right now. Well because we think either they’re hot and you should check them out, or we just can’t get away from the debate.  So here goes.


  • Lionheart (2018) Genevieve Nnaji 

Africanfinestmums blog - What's hot right now?

In this film now out on Netflix (click link to watch trailer) you get female empowerment, celebration of language and culture, going head to head with the bad guy, a healthy view of a well functioning family, a realistic and positive view of Nigeria – Igbo and Hausa, and more.  The directing is great, the actors and their acting amazing, a real feel good film.  Kudos and congrats to Genevieve Nnaji for spearheading, directing and starring in this film.  I’ve been going on and on about this film since I watched it last week.  Love it, love it, love it.  Seriously hot in my view, and if you haven’t watched it yet you need to check it out.

  • Surviving R Kelly (docuseries)

Now, shifting gears completely, this docuseries has been buzzing all week and causing all sorts of controversy.  Featuring women who state they are victims of R Kelly’s sexual, emotional and physical abuse over the years, this docuseries is sickening and heartbreaking.  If you have children it is worth watching to get informed, to help you work towards making an informed decision on all the controversy surrounding R Kelly and your response to it and the wider issue of abuse.  I was shocked and horrified for the victims and society as a whole.  I shared my thoughts on this on our Instagram page.  It’s courageous of these women to come out and share their stories, especially as some of the acts described are sickening to hear. Most importantly abuse of any kind is wrong, and victims should be embraced and supported not shamed.



  • Becoming by Michelle Obama

If you know me you’ll know that I love Barack Obama, and part of the reason I love him, is the way he loves on Michelle.  This incredibly talented, intelligent and beautiful woman, the first black FLOTUS, warmed her way into the hearts of many.  She is an incredible role model and icon for black women the world over. Her book in which she gives a personal account of her story and rise from the South Side of Chicago to the White House to now, was eagerly anticipated.  Just to show you how hot this book is, it bagged the title (as reported by the New York Post) of the best selling hardbook cover of 2018. It had 3.4 million copies sold in 2018 (remember the book was only released in November)!  The reviews have been numerous and overwhelming positive.  I’m still reading through my copy and loving it.  It’s available everywhere, and on Amazon.  Michelle is bringing her book tour back to the UK.  Have you got a ticket?  Last UK date sold out before the news even got out so you’ll have to act fast to be able to get one.



  • Brexit

Africanfinestmums blog - What's hot?

With Friday the 29th March 2019 looming as the deadline for the UK to withdraw from the EU, the heat is on and the panic (did I say panic?) is growing.  Concerns over the plan, possible delay, whether there’s a deal or no deal, and if the latter if it would be a “national suicide”.  Faith and support in UK Prime Minister Teresa May isn’t as high as it should be (to put it mildly), and she’s battling to hold on not just to power, but also to deliver on the historic referendum vote of 23rd June 2016.  Politics these days seems like a soap opera, and we’re all watching closely as the PM juggles her hot seat.  We are also praying anxiously that the impact of the outcome whatever it is doesn’t negatively affect our pockets and lives too much.

  • US Government shutdown

Africanfinestmums blog - What's hot?

Oh Lord, where do I start on this one?  Hot topic, for all the wrong reasons.  There are hundreds of thousands of workers either not being paid or furloughed during the period of the shutdown and for what?  This is a wall that keeps changing description based on how backed into a corner President Trump feels when asked.  Recent polling as reported by The Washington Post suggests only 4 in 10 want the wall.  In a normal exam that would be a fail grade. Yet President Trump insists on getting his wall and is holding workers salaries to ransom as a result.  But I thought Mexico was paying for it? Just this week he said it might go on for months, years.  Seriously??? Will the Democrats cave in to his demands?  Will scales fall from the President’s eyes long enough for him to realise this as a case of misplaced priorities?  One that is only hurting not helping his citizens.  Again watching and praying whilst nibbling my popcorn.


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