Your mission – Best mum to your child

Inspirational quotes for mums
Quote of the week – 18/12/17

What is YOUR mission?

Don’t you just love this quote?

It means you can focus on being the best you can be for YOUR child, and not compare yourself with other mums who look like they’ve got it all together and are Superwoman and Wonderwoman wrapped all in one. You never know, they might just happen to be great actresses in the few minutes you came across them, and then the meltdown happens just after you moved on.

Forget Mission Impossible, it’s not got your name on it. Your mission is: “BE the best mum to MY child”. I’m sure you’re doing that just great.  Be encouraged. Don’t lose sight of your mission which is YOUR child. Other mums are doing theirs (or they should be), just focus on doing yours. That’s enough to worry about.

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