Let the sun shine

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I found myself smiling like a child the other day as I looked up towards the sun and felt its’ warmth caress my skin. It made me pause and think about why I was so happy.

Maybe it’s because I live in a country where “real summer” (consistent days of sunshine that last longer than a week aren’t as frequent). I just find the sun lifts your mood. It makes you want to stretch, move, be active, play, eat ice cream. On a deeper level it can also give you a clearer mind, renewed fervour and resolve to try again, try something new, go for it (whatever IT is for you), love again, believe again. All this, just from the sun coming out.

I know in some places it’s super hot, but before complaining, why not pause. Think on the beauty and joys the sun being out gives you, and just embrace it, bask in it.

Shine on sun, shine on.

I’m curious, does the sun inspire positive or negative feelings for you? Leave a comment, tell us which.

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