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Africanfinestmums Quote of the week - Say it
QOTW – 02/07/18 Photo credit: ellemclin


Call a thing a thing, just say it

I think we need more positive, good vibes.  Feels like we’re too scared to show our appreciation for something good on, or about someone else.  If her hair’s fine, her shoes cute, or her smile lights up the room, it shouldn’t be too hard to just say it.  Help a sister feel good.  How many of you have had something nice said about them, years ago maybe, and it’s stuck with you?  Possibly even changing your perception about something you didn’t quite like about yourself.  It takes less than a minute sometimes, but the effects can be felt for years and years.


Practice it this week

I’ve got a challenge for us.  Let’s practice this a bit more this week.  No need to be phoney, but if you genuinely see something you like or admire about somebody else, say it, pay them a compliment.  We are all queens.  Our reign might be in our house, with wider family, in the community, nationally, or globally, but a queen is a queen.  The beautiful thing is that though we are many, we are unique, and each shine is unique.  My acknowledgement of yours, won’t strip me of mine, and vice versa.  Rather when we freely acknowledge each other, we add more wick to each other’s lamps and thus shine brighter.  Try it this week, and see what comes back to you.

Finest mums, beautiful queens, shine bright this week.


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