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QOTW – 16/04/2018

Hello and welcome to your new week. New challenges to face (plus the old ones with their leftovers). New opportunities to uncover, tricks to master, fights to fight and breakthroughs to achieve.

Sunday service

I attended a great service at my church on Sunday, which left me feeling like my soul had drunk a nice cold glass of water. Refreshing, is the word that comes to mind. The singers and music were great, and the sermon hit the mark. However it was these words which echoed in my heart throughout the service, and for the rest of the day had the most impact on me. Whatever I am facing, and will face, I can do it with the strength, help and love of the one who won’t give up on me. If I just hold on, just trust Him, I do not have to face my mountains alone. It is a beautiful reminder, the comfort and peace of which is indescribable.

As you march into the week

I encourage you to believe and know that in your lowest lows, you can hold on and don’t give up. He won’t either, and is more than able to lift you up, guide you through, break down doors for you, and keep closed those ones you don’t need or will bring you harm. It doesn’t matter if that low is in your job, your finances, your key relationships, or your health, don’t give up on Him.

In your highest highs also hold on. Don’t you dare give up on Him or be mistaken to believe that you don’t need Him, because you do. You need Him to help you stay on the right path, to not fall victim to your own hype, and to help you successfully navigate the pressures of the highs.

We have a whole new week to get through. I hope this promise of His (Deuteronomy 31:6) will help you through each step from start to finish.

Lovelies, let’s go get it. God bless you.

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4 thoughts on “Motivational quotes – Won’t give up on you”

  1. Coincidentally, our Church service yesterday was truly uplifting. We had a guest speaker from Borneo – Indonesia and he was phenomenal.

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder. As a family we love the song ‘ He is able” it has the following lyrics , don’t give up on God…’ we sing it often.

    Great write-up!

    1. Thanks Elsie. Maybe there was something in the air particularly last Sunday. Some awesome services around the country.
      Yes, the quote was from that same song. I’m not sure if that was the first time I had heard the song, but it definitely came alive for me in that service.

  2. Thanks for sharing a lovely post

    Life is a battle ground that melt everyone of us but the good new is that we can choose the mold we want after each battle
    We can choose to remain focus on Christ and trust what he said about each one of us.

    we are all blessed ,he came for us, taking every pain, sorrow poverty away and replacing it with his nilove , riches and good health

    We are called beloved and very special to him.
    choose to believe this


    1. Thanks Nike for your comments. A good reminder that we have to choose to believe, trust, and stay focused on Christ. Challenges, especially when we’re in the midst of them can make this feel very hard to do, but ultimately when we choose to hold on, we are rewarded with strength to overcome.

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