A short poem – ABUSED

The pain of abuse, sad, emotions
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Abused? Me ke? Nooo.

I mean I don't like to boast,

Didn't you see my latest Facebook post?

We just came back from Dubai.

Me and my boo we like to fly,

All over the world catching fun,

Just chillin', romancing in the sun.

Hmmm don't try us o!


And is it on the matter of spoiling?

He spoils me BIG time,

This is not nickel and dime

Shopping sprees, fine dining.

I certainly don't have time for whining,

Not when all I do is win, win,

Living like a queen.

You better not spoil my show!


Like seriously, don't let him hear.

That you were talking about him,

Before he'll accuse me on a whim,

That I was talking anyhow,

Spreading his biz, being a cow,

Amebo, gossiper, classless b****

Fine only for face, useless w****

Only when he's really angry though.


He didn't mean it, he said sorry.

It's just been really stressful,

And I hate wahala, don't want an earful.

So trust me, everything's fine.

You know this your babe likes to shine.

Just check out my new scent Myst..

What, the mark on my wrist?

Oooh, it's nothing nah!


One snapshot, one viewpoint.

This one female, next could be male.

Before we cast blame, begin to wail,

Is it so clear cut who the abuser is?

He who lashed out with tongue or fist?

She who takes it, for sake of fame?

We who facilitate the pretend game?

Are we not all, the ABUSED?


Written by Uju Maduforo (aka U Madox)



Maybe it's time we also look at abuse from the non obvious angles too.  Are we indirectly feeding the culture and practice of abuse?  Are we doing enough to spot the signs for ourselves and also for others?  Are we raising a generation of abusers, both male and female?


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