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QOTW 09/04/2018

A quote for every day

A dear friend of mine reminded me of this awesome quote the other day. I am braver. That’s the awesome thing about great quotes, they are timeless and can do wonders to the soul and jolt the mind at critical times. Isn’t it amazing how words from a children’s book can work perfectly and apply to everyone no matter how old?

Thank you A.A. Milne, because I needed these words. I needed to be reminded of them, I needed to speak them over myself, and I needed to believe them. In my case it helped lead my eyes off my specific circumstance to find and be reminded of what my heavenly Father says I am. (Psalm 139:14).

You are braver

What is that thing that has you feeling less than, unsure of, or fearful of? I hope these words help counter it, and remind you of how much braver, stronger, smarter, and loved you really are. Because you really are all of this, and so much more.

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    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Elsie. I’m glad it spoke to you, and I hope it’ll keep speaking to you whenever you need it to. You are indeed much more than you think.

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